Welcome to AvoOwner's investment orchards in South Africa

AvoOwner offers anyone the opportunity to own the usufruct of existing South African avocado trees in our orchards. We manage the farming activities and ensure that your trees produce good quality crops.

AvoOwners may buy or sell avocado trees at anytime using the online AvoOwner investment platform.

Investors from South Africa, Italy, USA, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, France,, New Zealand and Ireland owns usufruct in our avocado investment orchards:

AvoOwner has entered into a joined venture with Hainan ForAvo Agricultural Science and Technology Ltd in China during November 2018. The joint venture will greatly increase avocado market share in China through existing trading and distribution channels all over China and establish additional avocado farming operations in Hainan province. The joint venture will offer Chinese companies and individuals the opportunity to purchase avocado usufruct both in South Africa and in China avocado orchards. Read more...

Farm Layout

Zoekmakaar farm is situated in the Limpopo province, South Africa. The 30+ hectares of Avocado plantations are divided into 11 blocks and 31 Orchards. Currently the farm has more than 7000 avocado trees and continuously produce more trees in our nurseries.

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Available Orchards: 0

Available Rows in Orchards: 42

Buy an Orchard

On average Orchards consist of about 200 to 350 trees. You have various ways in generating income from the Orchard.

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Buy rows in an orchard

Buying rows in an orchard provides you with a stable income produced from the crop.

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Why should you become an AvoOwner?

You PURCHASE something REAL

Buying the usufruct of an avocado tree or an orchard, you are investing in a physical item, like a house. You can monitor the growth and enjoy the fruit it produces.

You receive LIFELONG annual RETURNS of the tree

Avocado trees average lifespan is about 20 to 30 years and if you decide to hold on to your trees you receive the lifelong income from the yield the tree produces.

Your avocado trees INCREASE in VALUE

The older Avocado trees become the more yield will trees produces. Therefore your initial investment will grow in capital value, year-on-year.

You receive 65% of the net HARVEST PROFIT or take DELIVERY of the crop

Owners may request the share of the harvest delivered or receive a portion of the revenue generated from the sale of the harvest.

Resell your trees

AvoOwner provides the platform to resell your trees, Orchard row or Orchards anytime you wish

Secure and high returns

Investing in avocado trees, is to own something real. AvoOwners manage the orchards with passion and experience, ensuring good quality crops.

AvoOwner purchase options

USD 1500

Row in a Orchard
from 1 to 76 Trees in a row
  • Owner retain 65% of harvest after cost

  • No Risk to the owner besides natural disaster

  • Row can be resold at market value

  • Owner receive lifelong income\delivery from crop harvested

Select your rows

From USD 21 390


160 - 800 trees per orchard
  • Owner retain 65% of harvest after cost

  • No Risk to the owner besides natural disaster

  • Orchard can be resold at market value

  • Owner receive lifelong income\delivery from crop harvested

  • Owner choose the name for the Orchard
Select your Orhard

Over 7300 avocado trees available for trading

We will be expanding our operations to more than 40 000 avocado trees during the next 5 years.

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Invest in something real, buy an avocado row from $3 358 in our Orchards or buy an entire orchard from about $21 000. Your revenue will increase almost every year as the trees become older.

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